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Balení CD-R Philips 80MIN 100 ks Sbazar CZK 399 12% Jun 17, 2021. eBay Kleinanzeigen. CD Player Portable Philips - 100% Funktion - gebr. - v. privat eBay Kleinanzeigen €25 26% Aug 28, 2020. eBay Kleinanzeigen. HighEnd CD-200 cd100 Nachfolger Philips toplader 1540 analog eBay Kleinanzeigen €365 24% May 30, 2021 The holy one - Philips CD 100 TDA1540D CDM 0 and the switch of truth Auction bid. €699 Jun 16, 2021. OLX Romania. Philips CD 100 Legendar, CDM0 cu TDA 1540 D OLX Romania RON 2,000 Mar 24, 2021. Quoka eBay. PHILIPS CD-911 COMPACT DISCK PLAYER FUNZIONANTE €149 Jul 11, 2021. eBay. Rare philips CD mechanism CD 2, USED working $78 May 15, 2021. eBay. PHILIPS CD-104 D/A Wandler Converter €129 Feb 19, 2021. eBay. PHILIPS CD-304 D/A Wandler Converter €129 Feb 19, 2021. eBay Anibis. Philips CD 650 avec télécommande Anibis CHF 120 Apr 8, 2021. eBay. Philips CD 650 Compact Disc Player with Remote Control ~ Clean / Tested £199 Nov 19, 2020. Marktplaats. Philips CD650 incl originele afstandsbediening Marktplaats €90 Jul 6, 2021. eBay. High - End mot kit, upgrade for Philips CD650 TDA1541A $100 May 22, 2020. eBay

Philips CD473 Added in 2012 after the extensive review was written - not included in overall comparisons 1988. New around 400 euro. CDM-4/11 (composite read plastic) transport, TDA1541 DAC. Like the CD624, this one is almost 100% plastic Copy van de CD 880 firmware versie P207 in de CDD 882.. En zoals verwacht is de OUTPUT LEVEL indicatie nu zichtbaar. Na wat meten met Audio Precision 50 Hz piekje met 20 dB kop ingedrukt. Het Spectrum tot 100 kHz. Na een nacht wakker te hebben gelegen , heb ik mijn fout gevonden

Philips CD 100 Philips CD 202 Philips CD 300 Philips CD 880 Philips RH 453 Philips RH 591 Pioneer A-400 Pioneer RT-707 Pioneer SA-500A Pioneer SM-Q300. Proton AM-455PRO. Quad 405. Rega Planar 3 Revox B225 Revox B750 Rotel RA-980BX Sansui AU-777 Sony CDP-501 Sony TA-F6B Teac VRDS-25 Technics SL-1200MK Vintage Philips CD 921 Single Disc CD Player-WORKS. Condition: Used. $59.99 FAST 'N FREE. Guaranteed by Friday, Sep 18. Free delivery in 4 days. 30-day returns Hifi.nl is een online magazine cq internetportal met zeer veel informatie over audio en video gerelateerde merken, producten bedrijven. HiFi staat voor High Fidelity, hieronder verstaat Hifi.nl de hoge natuurgetrouwheid van audio en video componenten en sets

Binnen 1 uur klaar ! 100% Reparatie ! 1 Jaar garantie 9,7 / 10 prijzen lopen op hifishark/catawiki op tot zelfs € 220.- 2X. Ophalen of philips dual dual 1228 garrard platenspeler inbouw platenspeler dual 1229 garrard radiomeubel philips platenspeler grundig meubel philips wisselaar denon cd speler philips ag spijkerjack stofkap dual. CASSETTE DECK 1971 - 1980 - The 1001 Hi-Fi Collection. AKAI CS-702D II (1977) The AKAI CS-702D II was the entry level, front loading cassette deck in the 1977 model range. It was also smaller than the usual full size components, having only a 38 cm wide front panel. In order to build a full system various racks were available, such as the RV. Philips MCM530/37 Micro Hi-Fi Stereo System 5 CD Changer Tested Amplifier Cooled. $38.99. $21.75 shipping. or Best Offer

12 aanbiedingen in juli - Koop of Verkoop b&w 805 op Marktplaats - Bekijk Lokale Aanbiedingen! Verkoop eenvoudig b&w 80 Te ruil: Transparent premium aes ebu 100 c. Te ruil: transparent premium aes ebu 100 cm np ca 1000- (zie google) foto's volgen ruilen tegen een mooie chord, nordost, heav. Zo goed als nieuw Ophalen of Verzenden. Ruilen 30 jun. '21. Uithuizermeeden 30 jun. '21. Vinnie Uithuizermeeden Pioneer PDR-09. 1995. 1996. Not the first consumer stand-alone CD recorder (Philips was naturally there first) and not Pioneer's first one either (RPD-1000, december 1991)... but Pioneer's most lavish, with a build-quality equivalent to that of the PD-95 ! Featured here were Pioneer's staple Stable Platter Mechanism, Legato Linear d/a scheme. Philips CD618 Audiophile Stereo Compact Disc CD player HiFi Separate. This CD player is in excellent working order. Has been tested and working. Please see photos for confirmation and confidence in the condition and that it is working. This is an amazing find and buy, and you definitely won't be disappointed

59 aanbiedingen in juli - Koop en verkoop cassettedeck sansui eenvoudig op Marktplaats Lokale aanbiedingen - Ga ervoor Saw a full Philips Black Tulip Stack system at the Ideal Home exhibition at Earls Court in the mid 1970s and wanted instantly. Then saw the price £1500 and later that day, in the same place, bought a very stylish slim-line Sanyo music centre in brushed silver for £100

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Manual Library. The HiFi Engine library database contains model information and images, along with owners manuals, service manuals and product catalogues for amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, power-amplifiers, equalizers, processors, tape decks, tuners, CD players and loudspeakers etc. The various documents/manuals are provided as general guides for. Reviews schrijven, en schrijven in het algemeen, is iets wat mij op het lijf geschreven is (pun intended). De combinatie van luisteren naar muziek en er over schrijven is wellicht het ideaal en toen Jaap Veenstra me vroeg om voor Alpha-Audio te schrijven heb ik geen moment getwijfeld

One must turn the video bypass circuitry off (front panel switch) to hear the best CD sound. Even today this player can hold its own easily against $1000+ CD players (with bypass engaged). I check out high end cd players in the $1000 range every now and then and this philips is still with me Moet alleen nog eens kijken voor een beter tafeltje of rekje, want doordat die tuner opvallend veel korter is staat het niet 100% goed. Volgende stap: eindelijk eens werk maken om m'n CD's naar FLAC om te zetten en die MP3's te gaan vervangen. Voor de geïnteresseerden: momenteel ligt deze vinyl-plaat o Philips XL495 telefoon De Philips XL495 draadloze telefoon biedt optimaal gebruiksgemak dankzij een display en toetsen van extra groot formaat, 1-DIN CD/USB autoradio KD-DB622BTDe KD-DB622BT CD/USB autoradio met geïntegreerde DAB+ digitale radio ontvanger en draadloze bluetooth volgen de gezichtscontouren 100% Waterbestendig,. Philips CD100. 1982. 1985. The other first Compact-Disc player ! Small footprint indeed but the massive CDM0 mechanism was under the hood and it still is - nearly indestructible ; later units had the CDM1 installed. The CD100 was a 14bit deck which, through oversampling, reached the 16bit resolution for which Sony advocated since the 70s When CD was introduced around 1982, Philips' CDM transports were made extremely well, to the point of being almost over-engineered. Not only Philips and Maranz used these transports: various other players were outfitted with these massive cast-iron swing-arm Rodenstock glass-lense mechanisms

Very nice first hand Philips CD 100. As you know, this is the first CD player model ever sold together with a Sony. I bought it in 1983 and kept it though the years even though it was soon replaced. Used as my main player until 1985, when I married my wife and we used her CD104. The CD100 remained in its box until 199 Then again, them early CD players were not built for fancy gadgets. They, with especially them certain Philips DAs, were made for reproducing analogue kind of sound, even on them early, mid-'80s poorly mastered CDs, to match up and even replace the vinyl record sound. 2017-12-02 Ilkka Suni From Finland, independent for 100 years, on Dec. 6t Bijvoorbeeld een Philips CD-207 vs. een Philips CD-880 (beide TDA1541 DAC). Dat klopt als een bus! Hoewel de voeding en de kwaliteit van de analoge sectie bij de CD6005 zeer goed zijn voor de prijs waarin het ding nieuw verkocht werd, merk ik dat het loop werk van de CD6005 wat gevoeliger is voor kleine krasjes of vuiltjes op de CD.. Philips CD600 CD speler (toen gewoon een 13 in een dozijn speler, en ik denk nog steeds) Revox B77 taperecorder Revox B750 MKII gecombineerde voor-/eindversterker Revox B760 digital tuner Dit alles in een Revox (stalen) tower. Ik heb die hele set (zonder de Philips) in 1989 gekocht bij Stuut & Bruijn Den Haag voor ongeveer 7000 gulden Luidsprekerboxen JB Systems. Luidsprekerboxen jb systems: 2 stuks tsx 12 -> € 100,00 trapeziumvormige klankkast 12 woofer en 1 titanium sup. Gebruikt Ophalen

If CD is the main source, it's at its output that the signal is at its most delicate. If it's LP, then we take a step back and the phonostage becomes the most crucial stage. Traditionally, the idea of a preamp was to provide a small amount of gain to get several components up to line level, allow for switching and for volume control Any rough edges that were there with the Belden, are 100% gone with the Taiko Audio Nagado. But that's not all. Soundstage is also wider and more enveloping, and the whole presentation is more luxurious and emotionally much more involving. With the Taiko, the Devialet paints in more deeply saturated colours and lets the music flow more freely The well known PHILIPS CD 950, 900 SERIES. Comes in pair with the Original Remote Control, which from my expectations is very rare. It is the last CD Player with steel case, after that most CDs from Philips are plastic. The pictures are of the actual product, I advise you to look at them carefully and assess if the CD player will meet your. Philips versterker en radio 22AH574/22 en 22AH674/22. door Maarten Bakker , Haarlem/Delft, 05-05-2020, 12:08 (427 dagen geleden) @ molen. Ik bedoelde meer dat Philips er een andere meetmethode voor gebruikte destijds. Zou kunnen dat ze van verschillende toeleveranciers kwamen die er een andere meetmethode op na hielden Cassettedecks: ik zou het niet doen. Vandaag kijken we naar een format dat misschien niet zo oud is als de platenspeler, maar toch best wel oud: cassettes. Nu kan ik daar heel kort over zijn: niet aan beginnen. Het is een, zeker naar de huidige maatstaven, gebruikersonvriendelijk medium dat op z'n best fatsoenlijk klinkt

AstinTrew recommends at least 100 hours break-in. Our tester had clocked sufficient time on it though to have me play with its upsampler command from the get. Which, plainly, doesn't transform the machine into a different one. This button is for friends of subtlety instead CD player digital output, DVD player digital output : totally OK. I would just make sure it's a 75 ohm coaxial cable, and not longer than 1.5 m. And even that, I'm not sure it would have an impact. But at the moment I feed my JDS Lab Atom Amp with ANALOG out of a random CD player, and it sounds perfect as well

TDA1547 / SAA7350 (DAC). The CD player is in apristine working condition. The scratches on the case are shown in the pictures cjm-audio GmbH - cjm-audio High End Audiomarkt für Gebrauchtgeräte. Startseite. Single Endet Trioden Röhren Endstufe mit Taylor VT. 2.899,00 €. Nakamichi OMS-7EII. 799,00 €. Yamaha Stereo Endstufe M4. 575,00 €. Bolzano Villetri Campanile Piazzetta HF 3005 NAD C390DD. 10. Eindoordeel. 11. Overzichtstabel. Bij Alpha-Audio testen we doorgaans high-end versterkers met astronomische prijskaartjes. Een klankmatig goede versterker hoeft echter niet exorbitant duur te zijn. Wij richten ons in deze multitest op geïntegreerde versterkers in de prijsklasse van 2500 tot 4000 Euro HiFi Database. The HiFi Database has images, specifications and reviews for Amplifiers, Receivers, CD Players, Cassette Decks, Tuners, Loudspeakers and other Audio Components, along with links to library pages containing scans of original manuals and brochures. Integrated Amplifiers (3946

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Twee luidsprekersboxen van pioneer ( 30w ). Double duct speaker system. De afmetingen zijn : 27 x 23 x 17,5 cm. Ze geven mooi gelu. Gebruikt Ophalen. € 25,00 Vandaag. Hechtel-Eksel Vandaag Lettore CD: •Class A vacuum-tube output stage •2 x 6922 tube •Philips GyrFalcon CD mechanism •Warm up function - extends tube life •Upsampling 24bit/192kHz •Wolfson D/A converter •Custom made suspension system to isolate the mechanism form mechanical vibratio Denon manuals | Hifi Manuals Free: Service Manuals, Owners Manuals, Schematics, Diagrams, Datasheets, Brochures online for free download and free to your amplifier, receiver, tape, CD, Tuner, Turntable and Recorder. Completely free, without registration free! find the instructions your hifi equipment Denon with search engine Vintage hif Used CD Players & CD Transports classifieds in Canada. . Buy, sell, and trade used, second hand, and new CD Players & CD Transports with other Canadians on Canada's largest hifi, stereo, and home theater classifieds site Audio Innovations 300 mkII versterker | Handleiding, reparatie, update, garantie, reserve onderdelen of spare parts? | Audio Innovations service bij iEar'

It tracked all the calibrated defects on the Philips TS4A and TS5A discs without audible errors. The CDP-203 was relatively immune to impact on its sides, but the pickup would skip when the player was slapped sharply on the top (above the disc drawer). Comments The Sony CDP-203 is a full-featured CD player without the drawback of a complicated. CD- Player Klassiker von Matantz mit fast unzerstörbarem Philips CDM-4 Dreharmlaufwerk. Guter Zustand mit nur zwei, drei winzigen Kratzern. Laufwerk wurde komplett überholt und ein Defekt an der Netzteilplatine behoben..

Also he is faster of reading the CD's, 4-5 seconds I believe. He is just faster overall in that regard. Last thing I notice that when using PAUSE, what ever reason it is, normally it will stay forever until you push something else, but not here. After 30 seconds, at most, its just stops and you have to begin from the beginning of CD, nice.. Universal 7711420 (5 CDs, 2 7 singles). 1967/2021. Kit Lambert, Pete Townshend, prods.; Damon Lyon-Shaw, Jon Astley, Andy MacPherson, other engs. This 5-CD box-set version of The Who Sell Out is the latest iteration of a 54-year-old work-in-progress

Used CD Players & CD Transports classifieds in Canada. . page 2 of ads Buy, sell, and trade used, second hand, and new CD Players & CD Transports with other Canadians on Canada's largest hifi, stereo, and home theater classifieds site The HiFi Engine library has images, specifications and reviews for thousands of audio components, along with owners manuals, service manuals, schematics and product catalogues for amplifiers, pre-amps, power amps, tuners, tape decks, cd players etc. Thanks to the many visitors who have scanned documents and donated images to the gallery The DV-SP1000 is the top of the line universal player from Onkyo . This extraordinary unit can be purchased for around $1,400 (you might get the Canadian model, which does not have a video input, for that price) and makes me wonder if it is really necessary to spend more on a digital transport, regardless of the cost of the system it’s in. Particularly if, like me, you use an outboard.

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B & W Luidsprekers / Model DM310 / 100 Watts / England. B & w / bowers and wilkins luidsprekers in perfect werkende staat. Model: dm310. De luidsprekers zijn als nieuw. Geen enkel krasje te bespeuren. Power: 100 watts. Impedance: 8 ohms. In mooie donkerhouten kasten. Afmetingen: hoogte 48cm, breedte 26cm, diept September 2002 Audio Aero Capitole CD Player 24/192 MK. II Review by Bob Neill Click here to e-mail reviewer This was initially a tough one for a guy like me, who has come to favor a fairly straightforward approach to digital front ends and who has become a little smug about audio rights and wrongs.The Audio Aero Capitole II from la France is the latest contender from the 'analogue lovers. See all benefits Philips Lhh1000 Lecteur CD / Da Convertisseur Review,6 Pg ,Complet Test,Fiche Philips LHH1000 CD Player/DA Converter REVIEW, 6 pg, Full Test, Specs, 1990 Cuidado de la madre y del bebé. Te damos la bienvenida a Philips Avent The CD player died before that at 10 years and the repairer told me it was not fixable - I think he just wanted it for himself.. Now, 35 years hence I am now back into vinyl as well as the CD's. Bought the SL-D2 used that I could not afford back then and jazzed it up with an AT95E in one headshell and an Ortofon 2M Red in another

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Speakers were in very good condition. Almost like new. I packed them properly and brought them safely to Moscow in my air luggage. I use speakers with Onkyo A5VL amplifier and Denon DCD 485 CD player. Speaker cable is DH Labs ST 100 silver cable. They sound very well. Better than modern HiFi speakers Kategorie Hifi systémy, Rádia bazar. Vybírejte z 4 183 inzerátů. Prodejte snadno a rychle na Bazoši. Přes půl milionů uživatelů za den. Najděte co potřebujete ve Vaší kategorii Sansui CD-190 - Images, details, specifications and reviews. Most Viewed: Rotel RA-820AX: 103,60 The CD-X311 measures 17 inches wide, 12-1/2 inches deep, and 4 inches high, and it weighs just under 9 pounds. Price: $445. Lab Tests. On our test sample of the CD-X311, the left channel had appreciably greater noise and hum levels than the right channel iEar' biedt het beste op het gebied van beeld- en geluid. Hifi, Home Cinema, High-end audio, streaming audio en domotica in Tilburg, Amsterdam en online

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Thời buổi khó khăn, lại một cặp đôi hoàn cảnh nữa phải lên đường 1. Amply Magnum IE170, hàng Anh nòi, hơi hướng LFD nhưng cảm giác có lực và gai hơn, công suất 80w/ ch 8ohm đánh tốt mọi cặp loa, biwire hai dải bass-treb đúng nghĩa, mặt crôm sáng bóng, zin và đẹp theo thời gian Welcome to CanuckAudioMart, a classifieds site for used audio and hifi. Postings are free for hobbyists. Register today and start selling/buying audio gear! Show All. Featured Classifieds ( more featured classifieds) TTW - NEW - Upgradeable B1000 Aluminum Center Stabilizer 325g/.715 LBS $99.00. Marantz Stack - Vintage 300DC, 3250B, 2110, 5030B. It wasn't until the arrival of the Audiolab M-DAC in 2011 that cash-strapped audiophiles had a genuinely flexible yet fine-sounding DAC. It was so good at its £600 price point that it turned the market upside down. The new M-DAC+ doesn't do this - think of it as a brilliant refinement, rather than the reinvention of the hi-fi wheel

Re: Marantz PM-80 versus moderne versterkers. Die Pm80's zijn erg gewild, en zeker een goed alternatief voor een lowbudget maar toch met hoge geluid eisen. Ik vergeleken met die yamaha, zal je er werelds op voorruit gaan. hoog en midden zullen hetzelfde blijven pak en beet er is altijd wel verschil maar nooit zo heftig CHEAP VINTAGE CD PLAYERS SHOOT-OUT: Akai / Hitachi / Marantz / Meridian / Mission / NAD / Philips / Sony / Yamaha (Part 1 of 2) 13 May 2021 In this, my latest experiment, I decided to buy as many pre-owned / low cost CD players as I could afford for the investigation and NONE over £40 each from the major auction site Philips lets make things better 394 Topics 2064 Posts Last post by wblynch 06 Jun 2021 17:27 Pioneer the final frontier 1611 Topics 8061 Posts Last post by playitloudmutha 14 Jun 2021 03:09 Pink Triangle / Funk Firm light fantastic 570 Topics 6428 Posts.

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The Zen uses four tubes: a single Svetlana, 6N1P, dual-triode tube in the driver circuit, one Philips 5Y3GT rectifier tube, and one, Svetlana SV83 output tube for each channel. Unlike some single-ended designs at the lower end of the price spectrum, the Zen uses no negative feedback. Retubing this amplifier will cost as little as $30.00 USD Nakamichi BX-125E. Price: £140. Nakamichi has a serious reputation when it comes to tape decks, they built arguably the best sounding models ever made, and many lamented the day that CD killed them off. The BX-125E was one of the more modest examples but has a good reputation for sound quality

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Pre-owned Gear. This page is not a comprehensive listing of our pre-owned stock. If you are looking for a particular item, stop by the store or give us a call at 773-935-HIFI (4434) or 800-970-HIFI (4434) What's left of the cross swords marking on a 100% Tesla AD1. BTW Goran the RDs are the 75% ones. 100% still to come. I expect the 75% ones to sound slightly softer than the 100%. Back to the Marconi/Osram glass. Whoever did the glass blowing for them was a complete master of the art. They are almost exactly the same size/proportion FOR SALE: JAZZ CD collection, 122 CDs Criss Cross label, all as new condition: CDs: CAD $2500.00: BC : Jul 25, 2021: FOR SALE: 21 vinyl records 90% Jazz and Blues: Music - Vinyl / LP: CAD $275.00: ON : Jul 25, 202 Have a really nice rare vintage Philips system from the 1960s made in Holland.It includes:A Philips AG 9016 Stereo valve tube amp in very good condition and all original. No modifications made. A couple of scratches on the top metal case. There is a slight humming that is audible at low levels.A.. What we have here is a pair of Frank,s wonderful speakers in gorgeous mahogany .They are a coaxial design for pin point imaging and seamless coherent integration of highs ,mids and lows . And they go low into the 30/35 hrtz range .They are extremely efficient at 97db good for low power SET amps but..

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  1. 6H30P-DR Super Tube NOS 1980 made - Matched Pair. $249.99. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Add to Compare. →. Out Of Stock. Audio Research REF-110 Power Tubes Set - Winged C 6550 + 6H30P-DR Super Tubes. 8 Pcs Winged C 6550 4 Pcs 6H30P-DR - 1980 made Nos Tubes Totaly: 12 tubes All tubes d.. $899.00
  2. isets van 2021 aan de hand van tests en reviews. Vergelijk prijzen + voorraad van alle winkels en vind de beste koop voor jou
  3. The compact and portable Philips CD soundmachine lets you indulge in the pleasures of enjoying your favorite music with the help of easy-to-use functions. See all benefits. Similar products See all Boombox . Make it a bundle and save Make it a bundle and get 1 item for free All your needs covered in one purchase
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Køb og salg af Forstærkere, hi-fi på DBA. Gode tilbud og billige priser på nye og brugte Forstærkere, hi-fi til salg på DB Prodám věž SONY espritové řady v prvotřídním optickém i zvukovém stavu, 100% funkční, s dálkovým ovládáním. Cena: DAT 59ES (+dálk.ovládání + 5 kazet) 12 000,- Kazet.magnetofon K790ES 8 000,- Tuner S570ES 7 000,- CD X202ES 10 000,- Tuner S707ES 7 000,- Zesil. Køb og salg af Stereoanlæg - Andet på DBA. Find de bedste tilbud og billigste priser på både nyt og brugt indenfor Stereoanlæg - Andet til salg på DB They both have RCA analog outputs but the DacMagic Plus offers balanced output as well. They both have USB B inputs. The Audinst has the dual headphone outputs, one 3.5 and one 6.3mm while the Cambridge has one 6.3 mm output. The DX1 can also run directly from USB power which makes it a bit more flexible The TASCAM CD-401 was a rackmountable CD player with XLR balanced outputs and optional remote control. The TASCAM CD-701 was a professional CD player with XLR outputs and first frame audio cue. 1990 TASCAM introduced its first 1 24 track recorder, the MSR-24 for an unheard of price of $13,999

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preliminary Pretty rare - almost Invisibilia status. If the Dragon CT was engineered and built on Etsuro Nakamichi's specifications by Junichi Okumura at Fujiya Audio Ltd, the TX-1000 's origins are... not so clear. But it isn't a wild guess to imagine Micro Seiki having a hand if not twelve fingers and just as many toes into the consulting and/or manufacturing of the TX-1000 - among others Sound of a quality never before possible in an under two hundred dollar cassette deck. And an automatic stop mechanism that functions in any mode to protect both the deck and your tapes, two large, illuminated VU meters and pioneer's traditionally handsome design, and you can easily see how the CF-F 2121's incredible combination of performance and features is comparable with cassette decks. Denon PMA-850. Solid State Stereo Integrated Amplifier. A new series of Denon amplifiers, incorporating a wide dynamic range, low noise MC amplifier. It reaches the highest class in the most fundamental characteristic of amplifiers both in distortion factor and Signal-to-Noise separation. By coupling all stages with a pure complementary circuit.

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  1. The Proceed CD player is the first digital product from Madrigal Audio Laboratories, a company known for their Mark Levinson preamplifiers and power amplifiers, including the very highly regarded No.20.5 power amplifiers. Given Madrigal's track record of producing ultra high-end (and expensive) components, I was surprised and encouraged that the Proceed CD player is so affordably priced
  2. Audio/Video components for Home Theatre, custom installation, music and hi-fi applications including amplifiers, AV receivers, Music Screamers, BluOS enabled products, Tuners and Masters Series
  3. philips cd 304 - Класика на фирмата. Рядък и трудно откриваем плейър,най големия от серията. Много солидна изработка с метално, тежко шаси, метален механизъм и транспорт
  4. ak is19 years old, so we're having a raffle. please recheck the winners list. here. if you joined on june 25th to july 18th, go. here
  5. Hi all, I'm looking at selling a Simaudio Moon Eclipse LE (Limited Edition) CD player with matching PSX external power supply. Just curious what it would realistically be worth these days? Just want to price it correctly without under or over valuing it. It is an Australian delivered 230v version..
  6. 246 aanbiedingen in juni - Koop en verkoop technics stereo eenvoudig op 2dehands Lokale aanbiedingen - Voor iedereen een voordeel
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  1. NAKAMICHI: 680 dual-speed cassette deck - test review. 29 May 2021. Howard Popeck writes: Launched in 1980, the maker's claims were, on the face of it, outrageous; True high-fidelity performance at half-speed. Although cassette recording and play-back technology were, through outstanding engineering, approaching the theoretical limits.
  2. g and bluetooth came in, and a need for a tuner came up I got a Naim Unitilite (2017)
  3. Kenwood receiver kr a5020. Seriously into Audio Since 1974. Call, Chat, or Email (we love helping out) Shop Our Official Weekly Ad For The Best Deals At Best Buy® Idealer Receiver zum Musik geniessen.Mit 2 x 70 Watt Verstärkerleistung und einem Tuner Empfangsteil, Anschlüsse für viele Hifi und Videogerät

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  1. Zelfredzaamheid kan geen kwaad: bovenin rechts, naast [nieuw bericht] vind je een zoekveld, met daarnaast een button in de vorm van een vergrootglas; typ in het zoekveld thorens en klik met de muisknop op het vergrootglas: Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl (o.a. over platenspelers) Je kan uiteraard ook zoeken op project. 0
  2. $100. favorite this post Jul 27 Electronics Vintage Music Sony CDP-102 CD Player Manual - Original manual in great condition $10 Philips Strand Lighting S21 Dimmer Strip, Industrial Control Equipment $650 (Timberlakes in Shelton, WA) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $75
  3. Ein Paar Highend Kompaktlautsprecher von Wilson Audio. Die CUB 1 ist, was die Verarbeitung und Haptik betrifft wirklich wie aus Stein gemeißelt. Die feine Auswahl der Materialien stammt zum Großteil aus dem damaligen Referenz-Model Grand Slam. Die CUB 1 wiegt nahezu 40kg und ist ausschließlich mit Focal und Seas Chassis bestückt
  4. Eh, I always check the sold eBay listings. More people just trying to clear things out and you get a good idea of whether someone is being precious with their Audiogon price. I got my Philips for $25+$25 shipping. I personally wouldn't spend more than $100 or $125 for a disc transport

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